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I updated my website! Instead of using Facebook or similar, I like using my website as my main web profile. Here’s my “me” page:
And here’s what I’m up to lately:
And here’s around 34 albums I’ve made, most are available for free:

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Since I've moved servers, it might be a good time for an :

I make and am very interested in . I made a big modular from scratch and want to help others do the same. I like to dabble in code, especially where and meet.

I love , , , , , , and more.

I'm neurodivergent (ask me about my brain!) and do my best to be the best ally I can be. As a straight white guy it's my duty.

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**Turns Out 'Eating Local' Doesn't Do Much for the Planet**

"There are more effective ways to assuage your beef-eating guilt than to buy local."

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Oh.. ? "Much to my surprise, we found that, even though we know that Native Americans were in New England for at least 14,000 years with, at certain times in history, fairly large population densities, the ecological signal was essentially invisible," said Chilton. "If one did not know there had been humans on the landscape, it would be almost impossible to detect them on a regional scale."

I literally had eco-fascists screaming the opposite at me just a week ago.

More shots of New Block City (). The city is quickly growing. Maybe I have too much free time 😂

Built “New Block City Brewing Company” yesterday. They brew kombucha and beer. Maybe I’ll have to create a mod that adds fermentation to ... here’s a pic of the back room and the brewpub

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Here’s the latest map of my server world. I’ve been building New Block City in creative mode, I think it’s time to switch to survival mode and add some zombies

Anybody know an software for making subway/railroad maps like this? I know you can use but I thought it would be cool if there were a program specifically for this kind of map

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So so so deep into right now. Building a big city with lots of subways and long distance rail. Also made some mountains, and underwater base, farmland with barns and windmills...

Here’s a glass of my 13th batch of , made with green tea, black tea, and hops. I add a random handful of (old) whole leaf hops to some water, make a tea, and blend it with kombucha that fermented for about 10 days. I put it in bottles to carbonate, and it’s ready in another 5-7 days.

I’m building a -themed city in . I’m calling it New Block City. I feel like I’m simultaneously rediscovering my love of legos and building imaginary buildings and learning more about how nice our future could be if we are mindful with our choices. I’m also spending _way_ too much time on this pretend virtual building block city

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Where does a mansplainer get his water?
From a well, actually.

is my favorite video game ever. I’ve been playing it on and off for a year.. at first I thought it was just a Minecraft clone, but it’s so much more than that! I love love love it

Death, abortion, genealogy 

Whew! After some downtime my mastodon server is back up. I think the $5 vps I’m using is not quite powerful enough to handle it, but if I restart frequently enough it works ok

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You'll Be Surprised by This Simple Secret To Train Your Cobra To Communicate With The Dead

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Maybelline: Maybe she's born with it.

Geneticists that don't think about consequences, morality, or information security: Oh! Let's find out. says trans rights!

I think this is a thing people are doing now, so I’m doing it too, because fuck yeah

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