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I updated my website! Instead of using Facebook or similar, I like using my website as my main web profile. Here’s my “me” page:
And here’s what I’m up to lately:
And here’s around 34 albums I’ve made, most are available for free:

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Since I've moved servers, it might be a good time for an :

I make and am very interested in . I made a big modular from scratch and want to help others do the same. I like to dabble in code, especially where and meet.

I love , , , , , , and more.

I'm neurodivergent (ask me about my brain!) and do my best to be the best ally I can be. As a straight white guy it's my duty.

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This is a very tiny guitar-- It's about the size of a human blood cell and can be played with a laser, and is technically responsible for the highest note ever played on a musical instrument. Each of the strings is only about 100 atoms across.

I think might just be too much for my $5 vps.. I wonder if there is a way to move back to a self-hosted server without losing my followers...

Tried migrating my server.. failed! Maybe second try will do it

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Encryption backdoors must never be allowed. To prove that Tutanota is free from any backdoor, the entire client code is published as open source. Let's fight against mass surveillance! ✊
#privacy #dataprotection #datasecurity #security #encryption #surveillance #backdoors

Tweaking my server settings.. I got my loading/viewing times pretty fast but I think I made posting take forever.. let’s see (posting this at 9:44am US eastern time)

I just uploaded a bunch of my videos here:

I've been basically offline for the past while, but I'm making an effort to get back out there and be "social."

I grew a wallet in my basement!
I’ve been growing scobies specifically to turn into leather, and my first batch is finally done. I’m going to write a recap and tutorial. In the meantime, here are pictures of my new wallet, made from kombucha. It feels like a cross between heavy plastic sheeting and leather.

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I never thought someone would actually ask me this. We even went through vimtut :blobfacepalm: 😂

It looks gross but it smells delicious. This is my first 3 gallon batch of kombucha beer, kombucha brewed with malt extract instead of sugar. It smells like a lambic! I’m hoping it will taste like one too

batch no. 18 is in the books! My first experiment using malt extract instead of sugar for primary fermentation. It’s much more beer-like than my previous batches. Added lots of old hops and some fresh ones. Will it taste like a sour beer? Will it get nicely carbonated? I’ll find out in 7-14 days

No techno on airplanes! I just stumbled upon this picture I took on a plane a few years back

Got a new work laptop!
First thing I did: partitioned, installed linux
Second thing I did: installed
Third thing I did: smiled smugly and thought "Work is going to be about 33% more fun and 75% more efficient than using Mac OS"

that also doesn't include the cost of my glass jar (one-time purchase of $10) or the SCOBY itself (one-time purchase of $6). based on how many batches I've done, I think that adds about $0.80 per batch, but it will keep decreasing the more batches I do

just did some napkin math.. and a single 12oz bottle of my hopped costs about US $0.30, not counting the electricity cost of our well pump pulling the water out of the ground. That's a pretty good price considering the cost of commercial and

I'm excited and proud to share that in January I was 71% (my meals did not include meat 71% of the time). My long-term goal is become 100% vegetarian for ethical, health, and environmental reasons. Last year I started eating 1 day per week, now I'm up to 2... and by doing so, I have learned many new recipes and now crave veggies instead of meat. So... if you want to be a vegetarian too, this might be one way to do it!

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Business people think "open source" means free software development

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Late stage capitalism is a ton of fun, if you think about it

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Today's a palindromic date in YYYYMMDD format, the best format 🥳
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