My new instance is up and running! My idea is to use it as a FB groups replacement and also as a place to share longer-form interactions in a group setting (something I'm finding hard to do on ).
Specifically I'd like to use it as a place to share musicmaking stuff (synths, software, studio setup, etc).
Anybody out there want to come kick the tires? Hit me up for an invite!

@liaizon it's (haven't gotten https working yet)
Right now it's not open for signup, it's invite only. Want an invite? :-)

@cb I'll be up for it. I've been working on a few projects I can share. I think I'm on discourse? Thanks.

Just out of curiosity, knowing about nothing about Discourse, is there a reason you picked that over Matrix/Riot? For some reason I thought Discourse was more like Slack (from a business perspective).

@bjorn good question. There is a reason, maybe a few: I was looking for more of a message board system as opposed to a chat system. I also wanted something that wouldn’t be intimidating to non-technical users (I’m pretty technical and I have trouble even using matrix).
Discourse isn’t so much like slack, it’s more of a forum software (non real-time). It’s also FLOSS, although they also provide hosting for a cost

@cb Aight. Thanks. Guess I need to check it out properly! I've been using Matrix for a few years with a few non-technical friends, and with Riot it's been very straight forward. As long as you stay away from encryption and device lists. Even if it's had a few limited but good improvements from a UI perspective recently. Like comparing emojis and not long scary strings for pairing.

I think the hardest part is explaining the totally decentralization concept. Good luck with Discourse!

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