I'm excited and proud to share that in January I was 71% (my meals did not include meat 71% of the time). My long-term goal is become 100% vegetarian for ethical, health, and environmental reasons. Last year I started eating 1 day per week, now I'm up to 2... and by doing so, I have learned many new recipes and now crave veggies instead of meat. So... if you want to be a vegetarian too, this might be one way to do it!

@cb That’s awesome! I’m a “bad” vegetarian in that I mostly eat junk food and don’t like veggies all that much, so if you’re craving some comfort food ideas let me know. 😉

@autumn thank you! I dunno, I think if you eat mostly or exclusively vegetables there's no "bad" about it, it's good for everybody and everything! Although if you don't really like veggies.. well.. 🙂
My favorite veggie recipes are ones based on food from India - there is such a rich vegetarian food culture there! Chana dal is a staple in my house, there are so many variations you can do!

@cb Ah yeah, Indian food is some of my favorite!

@autumn @cb I did the change too, now being 100% vegetarian (my goal being going vegan some day). There's youtube channels w/ recipes and all that (ask me if needed), it helps. But for me it's mostly looking for substitutes on your go-to meals, 'cause I'm a boring eater (can eat the same everyday). You stick to it rather quickly after that.

@autumn @cb There, in case you need some inspiration for #vegetarian and #vegan food that doesn't make you miss meat, here are some suggestions (510 suggestions, to be precise):

@autumn @cb I started collecting them 2 years ago, when I arrived in Tokyo.

Some American and European friends thought that I would have to give up on being vegetarian if I wanted to live in Japan, but they couldn't possibly be more mistaken. If anything, I'm having healthier and better tasting food now than when I lived in the US.

The hardest challenge was learning to read the labels, which is still a problem, but thanks to the Olympics there's more and more English everywhere...

@cb Me too! Though I haven't calculated the exact percentage. Decided after Christmas, not knowing Veganuary was a thing. I'm now Predominantly Plant Based with one cheat day per week and a bit of leeway in extenuating circumstances. It's been relatively easy but I'm lucky enough to have a supportive girlfriend who cooks. Have switched to soy milk and will work in other substitutions over time. Still a lot to learn about the nutrition but I'm in research mode. :-)

@Flophouse_Sam that’s awesome dude, good for you! In my case I’m the family cook.. and my wife (who hates most vegetables) is being very cool and going with the flow. Thankfully she likes beans

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