I grew a wallet in my basement!
I’ve been growing scobies specifically to turn into leather, and my first batch is finally done. I’m going to write a recap and tutorial. In the meantime, here are pictures of my new wallet, made from kombucha. It feels like a cross between heavy plastic sheeting and leather.

It looks gross but it smells delicious. This is my first 3 gallon batch of kombucha beer, kombucha brewed with malt extract instead of sugar. It smells like a lambic! I’m hoping it will taste like one too

batch no. 18 is in the books! My first experiment using malt extract instead of sugar for primary fermentation. It’s much more beer-like than my previous batches. Added lots of old hops and some fresh ones. Will it taste like a sour beer? Will it get nicely carbonated? I’ll find out in 7-14 days

No techno on airplanes! I just stumbled upon this picture I took on a plane a few years back

More shots of New Block City (). The city is quickly growing. Maybe I have too much free time 😂

Built “New Block City Brewing Company” yesterday. They brew kombucha and beer. Maybe I’ll have to create a mod that adds fermentation to ... here’s a pic of the back room and the brewpub

Here’s the latest map of my server world. I’ve been building New Block City in creative mode, I think it’s time to switch to survival mode and add some zombies

Anybody know an software for making subway/railroad maps like this? I know you can use but I thought it would be cool if there were a program specifically for this kind of map

Here’s a glass of my 13th batch of , made with green tea, black tea, and hops. I add a random handful of (old) whole leaf hops to some water, make a tea, and blend it with kombucha that fermented for about 10 days. I put it in bottles to carbonate, and it’s ready in another 5-7 days.

Working on a today. I dried a small for about 2 weeks, then buffed melted coconut oil and otter wax into it. It’s mostly transparent and somewhat leather-like. It is _very_ strong- I can’t rip it without trying really hard! I don’t think it’s water resistant but it might make a nice leather for some projects.

Food, meat 

My daughter’s first concert- daycare holiday concert! Excited for her, not excited it’s in a church ( )

Something on my phone seems to be trying to reach test.churchofjesuschrist.org (thanks for this info)
I wonder which app might be doing this, and if my phone is aware I’m an


Here’s a bit of a track, in progress. I’ve been experimenting using as a sequencer/sampler, as a sound generator along with my diy synth. I love making music with text!


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