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This is a very tiny guitar-- It's about the size of a human blood cell and can be played with a laser, and is technically responsible for the highest note ever played on a musical instrument. Each of the strings is only about 100 atoms across.

I think might just be too much for my $5 vps.. I wonder if there is a way to move back to a self-hosted server without losing my followers...

Tried migrating my server.. failed! Maybe second try will do it

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Encryption backdoors must never be allowed. To prove that Tutanota is free from any backdoor, the entire client code is published as open source. Let's fight against mass surveillance! ✊
#privacy #dataprotection #datasecurity #security #encryption #surveillance #backdoors

@angristan that’s a cool looking keyboard in the background!

@angristan that’s a cool looking keyboard in the background!

@angristan that’s a cool looking keyboard in the background!

Tweaking my server settings.. I got my loading/viewing times pretty fast but I think I made posting take forever.. let’s see (posting this at 9:44am US eastern time)

@selea I think it took about 3 weeks to grow the “leather” (kombucha scoby) and then a day to dry it and another day to buff with coconut oil and make into a wallet

@bluszcz coming soon! I’ll post to

@Xipiryon @ekaitz_zarraga it would definitely be cool as a paper substitute. I think paper is mostly cellulose, and so is this! Seems sort of like parchment. Here’s what another piece looked like after drying- this one was fermented with only green tea which made it basically white/clear

@Xipiryon @ekaitz_zarraga I think technically it's almost pure cellulose (which as I understand it is the thing that allows plants to stand upright).
Without any sort of treatment, the dried scoby will absorb any moisture and gets stick and weird. I buffed coconut oil into this to make it more water resistant and improve the texture/malleability

@ekaitz_zarraga only time will tell, but I think it will hold up pretty well. It feels like a very strong and thick plastic wrap. I don't think I'd be able to rip it unless I tried really hard and maybe used some tools

I just uploaded a bunch of my videos here:

I've been basically offline for the past while, but I'm making an effort to get back out there and be "social."

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